Wednesday, 7 September 2016

NEW Redlands parking proposals published, what do you think?

Part of the Redlands parking proposals, see the appendices in the report linked to below for the full plans (you will need to zoom in!)

The Traffic Committee agenda is out and it contains Labour’s new parking proposals for Old Redlands. Green campaigner Kizzi Murtagh and the team have been working with residents to tackle parking problems in Redlands for the last few years. This proposal is better than the last few. Email us letting us know what you think:

The report and plans can be found by following the link below.

A few quick observations:

– apart from the comments below the residents' parking and pay-and-display proposals around the hospital to the west of Alexandra Road remain unchanged:
– all side roads in the block to the east of Alexandra Road between Lydford Road and London Road are proposed to have permit holders only beyond this point signs. This means no marked out parking bays and no loss of spaces. However also no visitors' hours (where people without a permit can park for free between certain hours)
– yellow lines proposed for Lancaster, Whitby and Avebury but no residents' parking. As these roads are on the edge of a large zone this will worsen parking problems in these roads
– do De Beauvoir, Carnarvon and Granby Gardens want to change to this form of residents’ parking which may tackle some of the parking problems in their roads?
– if this scheme goes ahead then it will worsen parking problems at its edges and the Park Ward consultation and scheme will be needed as soon as possible. But unfortunately the council has yet to commit to a timescale for this
– this scheme doesn't improve the situation for staff and visitors at the hospital

What do you think? Better or worse?

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