Monday, 23 May 2016

Getting the Green Road recreation site into use

I have been doing a bit more digging around on plans to bring the old Green Road tennis courts back into use for football and hockey. See below for some questions from me (based on what residents have been asking me) and summarised answers from the council. What do people think about the best way to forward from here?

Q. Why football and hockey?
A. Because that is what the schools and other users want.

Q. What about having some tennis courts there?
A. See above. Having spoken to colleagues in Leisure they advise that for tennis the nearest RBC provision is at Cintra Park, where a new free court is available, and the University also has tennis facilities presumably for hire to the public.

Q. What is happening with the access to the playing fields promised years ago?
A. Recent discussions with colleagues in planning will result in us engaging Taylor Wimpey with a view to creating a link path from the Regis Rd Flats along the eastern boundary of the playing field. You will recall there was a section 106 requirement upon them to do so. School use of the field will require management by the user schools to ensure safeguarding , but it is better than making a new opening to the Wokingham Rd. They have been consulted on the proposal.

Q. Will a council officer meet with residents to discuss this issue further?
A. No

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