Thursday, 31 March 2016

Now is a good time to see the Loddon Lily

Now is the perfect time to spot one of the Thames Valley's special native plants, the Loddon Lily, right on East Reading's doorstep.

From Newtown, cross over the Horseshoe Bridge and just as you turn the corner to head towards town, you will see clumps of this beautiful plant just on your right, growing beside the River Thames. It looks like a giant snowdrop with its nodding white flowers and delicate green dots on the tips of the petals. It is a nationally rare plant but is locally common in the Thames Valley, being found on river banks and in wet woodlands. It is also known as the Summer Snowflake, but this is a misnomer as it flowers in early spring, which gives it a head start over competitive, invasive species such as Himalayan balsam which also grows in this location but which emerges later in the year.

So why not pop down to admire this rare plant on our doorstep?

Here is what it looks like.

Thanks to Debbie for the heads up and putting this text together!

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