Saturday, 11 July 2015

Drawings for Riverside Day Nursery moving to Palmer Park

UPDATE: Council planning exhibition on plans to move Riverside to an expanded ERAPA on Wednesday, July 22 from 3 PM to 7 PM at ERAPA in Palmer Park.
Some of you may have seen the information at East Reading Festival about Riverside Day Nursery moving from New Town school to Palmer Park (plan to the left: yellow existing building, pink proposed building, blue prosed play area).
New Town school is expanding, meaning Riverside Day Nursery needs a new home. The council is planning on putting them in Palmer Park in an expanded ERAPA site – London Road, St Bartholomew's Road corner of the park where Barty Bears playgroup used to be.
This will involve putting one of the modern temporary classroom type buildings into Palmer Park – because there isn't the money for anything more expensive. The new building is shown in grey below.

We think it is important to make sure that we have enough nursery places, but we also need to protect our open spaces. Let us know what you think.
The timescales are given below:
Now: Pre-application was submitted 11 Jun ‘15
w/c 20 July: Planning Exhibition (date not confirmed)
w/c 27 July: Formal planning application submitted following exhibition
11 Nov ‘15: Planning Committee (expecting to be at November’s planning committee)
Jan ’16: Start on site
Jun ’16: Completion date. Riverside then move out of New Town at agreed date (tbc) and work can begin there.

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