Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Good news, Alfred Sutton expansion cost-cutting minimal

I went along to the Alfred Sutton school expansion exhibition yesterday. As per my previous blog post on this there is some money-saving by going for lower specification doors and so on but people shouldn't notice any difference.

Last time I was briefed on this the council was talking about "de-scoping" some of the projects and not implementing the full planning application straightaway to save money. At the time the detail was still being worked out.

The good news for Alfred Sutton is that this has turned out to be fairly minimal in the end – well done to the head and governors whom I'm sure have worked hard on this. The admin block was going to have a draught lobby at its entrance, to keep it warmer, but it no longer will have. This is the full extent of the de-scoping.

Works to start on January 26, 2015 and to be finished by February 16, 2016.

Your Green councillors will keep an eye on this though to make sure that the project is as good as possible.

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