Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Josh Williams a Green voice for Park Ward, from Park Ward #rdguk

COPY Josh head and shoulders with white backgroundA message from Green Party Park Ward by-election candidate Josh Williams:

I’m Josh Williams and I’ve lived in Reading for more than 15 years, moving to Newtown with my partner six years ago. We feel the vibrancy of the area with its great mix of cultures and friendly atmosphere is perfect for us. From a political family, and after working for a decade in IT, I am now a writer of historical fiction, and a community activist and campaigner.

As a writer I have the flexibility to devote time to local causes.

I am passionate about my local community and over the last few years have been involved in:

· Raising money and awareness for local charities
· Working with a group of volunteers who go into local schools and provide one to one learning time with children having difficulty reading.
· Reading RESCUE to clearing up litter and flytipping
· the amazing PlayStreets schemes so children can get outside and play with other children.
· The Greens, as someone who lives in the heart of Newtown
· campaigning for road safety and against dangerous parking
· collecting signatures from local residents to ask for 20MPH zones near all our homes and schools
· presenting a petition to the full Council meeting asking them to sort out the serious traffic problems on the Wokingham Road
· working alongside the fantastic team of local volunteers that help Rob, Jamie and the Green party

I understand the local issues, because I am local. I have the experience and commitment to work hard for our Ward. I will be a voice for Park, from Park.

I will:

· work hard all year round
· defend our public services on the council
· defend our local and small businesses
· keep a constant watch on how decisions affect our cherished green spaces
· stand up for all residents of Park Ward

I’m proud to live in Park Ward, and I’d be prouder still to represent us on the Council.

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