Tuesday, 29 April 2014

local election hustings on the environment in Reading #rdguk

The Greater Reading Environmental Network have organised a local election hustings. See below:

GREN Local Election Hustings

GREN’s Environmental Hustings for the 2014 Reading Local Elections will be on Tuesday 13th May at 7:45 pm in Reading Quaker “Friends’ Meeting House” 2 Church Street, off London Street, Reading RG1 2SB.
Councillors Tony Page (Labour), Ricky Duveen (Liberal Democrat) and Rob White (Green) have agreed to present their policies and to take part in a ‘Question Time’ style debate chaired by Prof. Gavin Parker, Chair of Planning Studies, Reading University. A Conservative representative is also expected.
Come along to quiz the politicians and tell them your concerns. Questions should focus on local environmental issues such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, planning, transport, pollution, provision for biodiversity, and waste.
Please help to publicise the event by forwarding this to others and by downloading and printing an A4 poster http://www.gren.org.uk/resources/GREN_Hustings_A4.pdf and/or an A5 Flyer http://www.gren.org.uk/resources/GREN_Hustings_A5x2.pdf.

GREN is the Greater Reading Environmental Network www.gren.org.uk

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