Friday, 8 March 2013

Just heard that the #cemeteryjunction post office is changing sides #rdg

A resident just let me know that the post office at cemetery junction in east Reading is moving. I popped in and they have a consultation notice up as well as some handouts with more information.

Briefly, they are planning on relocating to the other side of the junction – 209 London Road, empty shop next to Mr Cod. If all goes to plan will happen in May 2013.

We have been campaigning for a longtime to get this shop back into use, so this seems like good news. It will obviously leave the old convenience shop and post office on the other side of the junction empty, but this should be easier to let then the currently derelict property they are moving into.

I believe the opening hours and range of services will be approximately the same, and the proposed new location is less than 100 m walk from the old location.

What do people think?

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