Thursday, 21 February 2013

Are you getting the cheapest bus ticket? #rdg @reading_buses

I used to think I had got to grips with the bus ticket pricing. And I smiled smugly as I paid with my Easy Saver 10 card – 10 singles £16 = £1.60 per ticket.

However, recently I discovered some other tickets there are worth considering:

4 go together

simplyReading group only £8 and valid all day. Any 4 people travelling together, can be a combination of adults & children, all adults or all children. It's only £5 during evenings after 7pm, weekends and public and school holidays!


Cheap evening return - special offer!

We have reduced the cost of travelling after 7pm every single night!

If you are travelling within the simplyReading boundary, you can now get a return for £2.20 (a saving of over a quid!) or a Group Ticket for up to four people for just £5 (even 3 people will save!)

Terms and conditions apply. Return and group tickets are not valid on NightTrack buses. Valid only within the simplyReading boundary.

Full and current information on the Reading Buses website.

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