Monday, 6 August 2012

Briefing on turning street lights off #rdg

Following a resident's enquiry about turning street lights off I got the following briefing back:

"A number of trials are being carried out across the country which involves switching off street lights completely or in some cases overnight in residential areas. Switching street lights off overnight has only been carried out after consultation with the local residents and local community police and there has been clear support.
Many residents have concerns about switching off street lights in residential streets overnight particularly in respect of increases in crime and the impact on people’s safety. In view of this many local authorities are looking at dimming and more use of energy efficient lamps e.g. LEDs rather than switching off.
As this is relatively new technology, much of the street lighting equipment in the Borough is operated using photo cells and older technology which doesn’t permit dimming or switching off part time. When street lighting is upgraded we are installing equipment that allows dimming and also remote monitoring to adjust lighting levels to reduce energy costs and CO2. We are also installing LED lamps which operate on reduced energy and lower CO2 emissions e.g. Kennetside.
As part of the East Reading Study we are looking at the potential to upgrade street lighting which would allow dimming etc and is likely to be more acceptable to residents than switching off lights.
I will also forward your e mail and my response to the Project Officer dealing with this Study so he can take the comments into consideration.
Regards et"

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