Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Kennet Side wall replacement #rdg

Update from the project officer:

"At the end of May I sent an email to update you all on the progress on this project. I explained that the work was progressing more slowly than expected due to problems encountered when the old retaining wall was excavated. The wall is over 100 years old and unfortunately the actual construction of the structure is significantly different to that shown on the drawings we had available. Whilst we have been able to solve the issues that have arisen their resolution has considerably lengthened the programme.
In that previous email I also advised you that the work was expected to take another 6-8 weeks to complete which would have taken us until the end of July. However there have been further delays since then both caused by engineering issues and also due to the poor weather which made working in the river unsafe. The contractor has now provided me with an updated programme and the expected completion date is now Friday 28 September. Whilst the delays are disappointing I can assure you that significant progress has been made and it is important to note that the cost of the work is still within the budget agreed before work started. I am attending regular meetings with the contractor and will continue to press them to speed up the work where it is possible to do so. The contractor was instructed to ensure that the completion date shown on the latest programme allows for any additional problems that may arise and therefore will not need revising again. I am therefore hopeful that the completion date may be brought forward.
Now that the contractor has updated the programme I will arrange for residents to be sent a letter explaining the delays."

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