Sunday, 5 February 2012

Interview with Jamie Whitham, Park Ward 2012 Green candidate

Q1. Tell me something about yourself outside of the Green Party?

I just got back from a sledging holiday in Austria where I went on the world's longest floodlit sledge run at 14 km!

Q2. How and why did you get involved with the Green Party?

I have always had a strong sense of justice/injustice. My mum tapped into this and roped me into helping with the Esso boycott – because they were actively working against efforts to tackle climate change – and the Jubilee debt campaign – calling for governments to cancel the debt of cash poor countries. Following on from these I was interested in trying to make more of a difference locally and so got involved with the Green Party.

Q3. What have you achieved so far as the Green Park Ward 2012 candidate?

In Newtown I have been working on parking problems and promoting the residents' parking consultation. I have also been working to tackle fly tipping, reporting it and I helped with a clear up.

In the Wokingham Road area I have been updating residents on the secondary school situation. I have also been helping progress the 20 mph scheme from Talfourd Avenue to Holmes Road inclusive.

The pinnacle of my work locally so far was getting a bike tire off a roof in Crescent Road, which a resident had reported as an eyesore ; )

Q4. What is your favourite type of biscuit?

My favourite is a Boaster but only if I am feeling rich enough to buy a pack. Otherwise I quite like Jaffa Cakes or a plain chocolate digestive. I have also been known to make the occasional biscuit and for a recent action session I made chocolate chip cookies, shortbread and macaroons.

If you have any questions or want to get involved with our campaign to elect Reading's third Green councillor in Park Ward and possibly get to sample one of my home-made biscuits at an action session please get in contact.

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