Saturday, 27 August 2011

Maiden Erlegh -- no decision yet

Just got this update from the Parents' Campaign:

"Just to let you know that while there has been no news on the campaign front since the Adjudicator held the meeting back in July we haven’t let them rest on their laurels.

Please be reassured that we have been pushing the YPLA (Young People’s Learning Agency) and the OSA (Office for the School Adjudicator) for an answer to the Maiden Erlegh objections we submitted in response to the decision WBC made to change the catchment area.

We were under the impression that once the OSA’s report (with
recommendations) has gone through to the Secretary of State (via the YPLA) that it would be a rubber stamping exercise and we should hear on or around the 8th August.

Since then colleagues in the campaign group have called and emailed both the YPLA and OSA to say that those children going into Year6 are very anxious about the decision however we have had the same response that we need to be patient and that they hope to come back to us soon.

Unfortunately it has been indicated that the decision may still not be made for another few weeks.

We have asked the OSA for a copy of the report and recommendations sent to the YPLA/Secretary of State for Education under a Freedom of Information request. We plan to ask more questions under FOI should this request be rejected.

Once we have this, or better still any news of a decision, we will of course send this out through this email address and via our facebook page and website"

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