Saturday, 7 May 2011

Thanks, a second Green councillor

Congratulations to Melanie Eastwood (left) on becoming the second Green councillor in Park Ward, Reading. Depending on what the other parties decide to do, we may hold the balance of power -- 22 Labour, 16 Conservative, six LibDem, two Green! Rest assured, we will keep working hard for residents, putting fairness, integrity and the environment at the centre of Reading politics.

The results are as follows:

Melanie Eastwood, Green Party -- 1585
Labour -- 1213
Conservative -- 732
Liberal Democrat -- 123

The full Reading results can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who has believed in us over the years.

And thanks to everyone who has helped with the campaign.

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The other Warren said...

Congratulations to Melanie.

You hold the balance of power

A poison chalice?