Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Maiden Erlegh Wokingham decision looms

I got this from the Parents' Campaign:

The WBC Executive will make their decision at their meeting tomorrow
evening. If you are interested in reading the papers the agenda is
available online (see below). The recommendations include a possibility of an inner catchment. We have included the detail direct from the agenda below:

"that in doing so, the Executive considers whether or not to amend the
proposed designated area tiebreaker for Maiden Erlegh School (page 21 of the proposed admission arrangements)

The tiebreak, if so amended, would read -

"For Maiden Erlegh School only, within criteria C and D, first priority
will be given to applicants whose permanent home address is south of the centre line of the A329 and within 600m radius of Maiden Erlegh School, after which priority will be given to the applicants whose permanent home address is the greatest additional radial distance to the alternative designated area school(Bulmershe)."

There is more detail on WBC's website.

As soon as we know the decision we will let you know.

Sent on behalf of the Parents Campaign

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