Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Maiden Erlegh consultation -- standing room only!

Standing room only on a wet Monday evening shows the level of feeling on the issue of changes to Maiden Erlegh's catchment area. If Wokingham Council thought there was a lot of opposition to the previous proposal, they are in for a shock because I would estimate that the level of opposition has doubled. And now it isn't just Reading parents who think the proposals are wrong, but many Wokingham parents too.

Wokingham councillors kept very quiet at the meeting and I would assume there are some fairly heated discussions going on in the Wokingham Conservatives about this issue.

Well done to the Parents' Group for organising another well attended community walk down to the consultation.

The Parents' Group has organised two drop in meetings for parents and residents living in Reading and Wokingham Boroughs to find out more about the proposed changes to Maiden Erlegh catchment area and the implications. Run by parents for parents, these will be very informal. These proposals are complicated so please drop in for 10 minutes and ask questions.

The details are:

Friday 21 January 6:00-9:00pm at Our Lady of Peace Church Hall (corner of Wokingham Road and Wilderness Road - Wokingham side of the Three Tuns)

Friday 4 February 6:00-9:00pm Park Church Hall (corner of Wokingham Road and Palmer Park Avenue)

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Adi said...

The meeting at ME school on Monday 17th made a few points very clear:

1. The Council have not thought through the proposal thoroughly as they were not able to provide a satisfactory answer to any of the questions raised.

2. Have not considered the full impact of the proposed changes, especially related to safety and traffic levels around the area.

3. The Council tried/intended to keep this proposal pretty hush hush. Most people (if not all) came to know about this through word of mouth, or website(s) out up by concerned parents groups (many many thanks - fantastic job).

Keep up the good work and stop this nonsense proposal from going ahead.