Friday, 17 December 2010

5-15 cm of snow forecast for Saturday in Reading

I have been out doing a bit of doorknocking earlier this afternoon talking to residents about issues of concern. As well as experiencing some snow showers first hand, I can also vouch for it being pretty damn cold out there!

After getting back and warming up with some hot food and a cup of tea I checked my e-mails and saw that the Council is warning of snow tomorrow:

"Dear Councillors

The Meteo Group (our new winter weather forecast supplier) have forecasted 5-15cm of snow to fall tomorrow from approximately 12:00 noon and may continue throughout the night.

As a precautionary measure the decision has been made to spread urea in the town centre block paved/footway areas from approximately 17:00 tonight. This will help prevent snow and ice from forming for approximately 3 days. Consequently all mechanical sweeping will be suspended until after the risk of snow has passed but manual litter collection will continue as normal.

We are salting the primary routes today at 13:30 and will wait for further updates to the weather forecast.

Yours Faithfully"

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