Thursday, 26 November 2009

The new Cross Town Route

The Cross Town Route continues to rumble forwards. It is no longer a motorway from the Thames Valley business Park to the Vastern Road roundabout, going via Kennet Mouth. It is now a park and ride scheme following the same route. The same arguments still stand about it being a blight on the area, inducing traffic etc but now it is not just the road, but a large car park as well, somewhere on the green space by the Thames.

Both the Labour Party and the Tories are in favour of the scheme -- although the Tories want a road for cars rather than buses. The Liberal Democrats have not decided if they for or against the scheme yet. Only the Greens and residents are against this development.

This story in Get Reading mentions it towards the end, although it does not call it the new Cross Town Route, it calls it a park and ride on the Reading/Wokingham boundary.

I have created this Facebook group so people can say No to the New Cross Town Route.

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Rob, the link to the local paper's story doesn't work from your blog or the Facebook link!!?
Chris A.