Saturday, 10 October 2009

PCSOs cut from the University area

As you may have seen in the local press we are losing four PCSOs from the Redlands and University area due to the University cutting their funding. To put some numbers on it -- as some reports I have seen have been unclear. Talking to Inspector Sinfield both the Redlands and University policing areas are classified as enhanced which means they each have one Neighbourhood Specialist Officer and one Police Community Support Officer. The extra four PCSOs who have had their funding cut by the University split their time between campus (50 percent) and the surrounding area (50 percent). For comparison, the Newtown policing area which is classed as priority has two Neighbourhood Specialist Officers and two Police Community Support Officers.

I have written to Tony Downes (Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University) urging him to reconsider this decision and asking what effect he thinks this will have on the area. The more people who write to him the better. You can e-mail him directly at:

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