Monday, 28 September 2009

King's Meadow baths granted period of exclusivity

Hot off the phone, Bob from the King's Meadow Campaign has informed me that they have been granted a two-year period of exclusivity to draw up detailed plans and fund raise to restore the King's Meadow baths and get them back into use for the community. Considering not so long ago the Labour group was about to hand over the site to a developer who was going to concrete over a fair size portion of the area this is great news! Apparently the developer wanted a 200 year plus lease on the site which was the main reason for the Council to go with the King's Meadow Campaign.

I have supported the campaign since I discovered it, I have delivered newsletters, spoken at public meetings and supported them at council meetings, so I feel as though I have contributed to this success in a small way. But hats off to Bob O'Neill who has been the real driving force behind this campaign.

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Adrian Windisch said...

Great news, well done all.