Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Palmer Park consultation response

Palmer Park is a really positive space in the local area. It provides sports, leisure and play facilities as well as habitat for wildlife. Following on from talking to residents, I submitted the following response to the Palmer Park consultation.

Answers to specific questions:

I am in favour of extending the play area, subject to consultations with the children who will use it.

I am not in favour of any net expansion of the number of parking spaces. I would like to see controls on the parking by the stadium to prevent abuse of this facility late at night.

I am in favour of moving the recycling as long as it remains visible.

General comments:

I would like to see a fence along the Wokingham Road side of the park.

I would like to see the East Reading Adventure Playground Area fence removed or lowered.

I would like to see the toilet by the play area upgraded as it is a poor facility.

I would like to see a wildflower meadow between the stadium and railway track.

I would like to see the hedge, that was removed being replaced this autumn.

I would like to see a review into the blocked up toilets reopened as a cafe.

I would like to see a kids trail around the park, taking them between the play areas and other sections of interest.

I would like to see some history boards in the Park.

If the parking by St Bartholomew's Road is to be removed, I hope that the Council has considered the impact this will have on residents of the Road. The residents' parking may need to be extended.

Please keep me updated on the developments.

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