Sunday, 14 December 2008

Uni car parking overspill

Hat Tip to Daisy - although her blog is down at the moment - for this information on university parking:

"UoR to produce it's first ever legally-binding car parking policy for its students which has been included with the planning application and has now been adopted.

This includes a policy to reduce parking off campus, which is very welcome. However, the rather obvious question is - how will this policy be effectively enforced?

The policy states:

"Students in halls of residence who do NOT have authority for a motor vehicle on campus/hall precincts MUST NOT keep their vehicles on public roads within one mile of the University’s main campuses. Students who break this rule will be in breach of their student residency agreement and will be liable to be required to vacate their campus accommodation. The University will co-operate with appropriate local public authorities, such as Reading Borough Council, in respect of off campus parking""

In Park ward this will be of particular interest to people near to Bridges and Wessex Halls who suspect an overspill into their roads - Green Rd, Talfourd, Melrose, Belle, Earley Hill and Holmes.

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