Sunday, 30 November 2008

Bin challenge - 5 people to a bag of sugar.

After the one bin of waste in a year challenge, I'm busy doing school assemblies with my bag of waste. At the last one the kids didn't have much of an idea about how much waste the average person would create in a year to compare my one bag to...and neither did I!

So, I've done a bit of research and come up with this:

The average person generates about 370kg of landfill waste in a year.

The average person weighs 70 kg, so 5 people represent the weight of waste a single person landfills in a year.

My bag of waste weighs 2kg. Half of that was Sam. So I generated 1kg of waste in a year - a big bag of sugar.

So I went from 5 people to a bag of sugar. Simple and nice and visual.

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Red Green Nick said...

That Rob is amazing! We thought that we did well, but there is always some packaging that we can't recycle. One thing I will say is that "our rubbish does not weigh much as the only things that go in landfill are very light". In Bristol they collect, food waste, cardboard, paper, cans, glass, and old clothes, so with the help of the compost, and most of our veg comeing in a protective packaging of mud, from the local farm's, organic box scheme. The farm is only 6 miles from Bristol so nice and local. But we do still have rubbish, supermarkets should sell things in reyclable packaging and then we would have virtually no waste.