Thursday, 8 October 2020

What’s going on by the Thames?

Many people have contacted us about the works going on by the Thames – between the Thames Valley business Park and the Kennet Mouth – which look very similar to Reading Labour’s attempt to build a road here. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that this isn’t a road, but a large electricity cable that SSE is putting in underground.

This cable will increase the supply of electricity into Reading – with all of the new development going on. This is different from the overhead power cables which will remain. The land that is being worked on mainly belongs to Reading University.

The electricity company says that the main works to dig the tunnel will be done by mid December and then the other works to lay the cable will be finished by March/April 2021.

A tunnel is being created under the Kennet Mouth and under the Coal Wood for the cable to go in so no trees will be lost and the Horseshoe Bridge won’t need to be closed.

Seeing the devastation is a good reminder of the value of this green space and why we must protect it. SSE say that they will be putting it back to how it was before. There is an opportunity to improve the value of this area though. Maybe it could be managed for wildflowers rather than a rough lawn. Let me know what you think on this

If you have any other questions you can email them at and if you have any other concerns on this feel free to get in contact.