Friday, 21 June 2019

Why we oppose the Wokingham Road #rdg “cycle” scheme

The current Wokingham Road cycle scheme works are in connection with a cross Berkshire cycle route. As you would expect the Green Party is in favour of improving facilities for cyclists. However we don't support this scheme.

Unfortunately much of this scheme puts cyclists on pavements. We worked with Reading Cycle Campaign campaigners and lobbied the council to redesign the scheme with more on road facilities but the council did not listen. So we opposed the scheme. Of particular concern is:

– along much of the Wokingham Road rather than improving on road facilities the council has taken the approach of putting cyclists on the pavement

– because the council is putting cyclists on the pavement money has been wasted on things like replacing the pushbutton traffic light pedestrian crossing with a Tiger Crossing (zebra crossing for both cyclists and pedestrians) by Palmer Park to cross cyclists from the pavement on one side of the road to the pavement on the other. Another of these is going in replacing the pushbutton traffic light pedestrian crossing across the Wokingham Road by Pitcroft Avenue

– the traffic island in the middle of the Wokingham Road near to the junction with Melrose Avenue is being removed (as this is a pinch point for cyclists) however no other crossing facility is being put in at this location

The full plans for the scheme can be found here:

The scheme will be safety audited after it has been completed. If you have concerns about the scheme please email the council at: and keep us posted.

We don’t support this scheme, but Green councillors will keep working to improve facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

UPDATE: following our lobbying the council has installed extra signs and road markings alerting drivers to the crossing.