Thursday, 5 July 2018

Has Reading Council missed your bin collection?

Black bin landscape s
A number of people have contacted us recently with the council missing their bin collection. This is what we would advise you to do if it happens to you.

1. Contact the council as soon as possible. The council say to do it either on the day the collection is missed (after 4 PM) or by 5 PM the next day. If you miss 5 PM the next day then still contact them and say that your bin collection has been missed. This page has details on how to contact the council:

2. The council should give you a reason why the bin wasn't collected – recycling bin not put out in the right place for collection for example.

UPDATE: following our campaigning if the council says your bin wasn't put in the right place you should get a letter from them telling you where to put your bin – on the pavement or if the pavement is narrow at/near the boundary of your property. They should still take your bin but will tell you that it won't be taken in future.

3. If you aren't satisfied with the response – the council says the bin wasn't put in the right place (presented properly). Then say that you would like to complain. The collection vehicle has a camera on it so you could ask for the footage showing that the bin isn't presented properly. You could also ask for the footage 2 weeks before which might show them collecting the bin from the same place – which in my opinion is good grounds for them coming out and collecting your bin.

4. If at the end of this process still feel that the council has unfairly not let your bin then let me know:

We are lobbying the Council to improve its bin collection service and to do a better job of keeping people informed. We care about the area and will keep working to improve it.