Friday, 29 August 2014

Discounted compost bins and water butts success #rdguk

Following a resident pointing out to me that the discounted compost bin offer on the council's website had expired we have got the council to sort out a new deal. Details below:

"Thank you for your enquiry regarding discounted compost bins.

The re3 waste Partnership has joined up with to provide reduced priced green products such as home compost bins and water butts. Residents can order them through the web Alternatively, they can call 0844 571 4444 quoting GEN02L.

If you would like to discuss this mater further, please don’t hesitate to contact me."

Monday, 18 August 2014

Cemetery Junction area road resurfacing #rdguk

I have just been notified of more detail on the Cemetery Junction area road resurfacing. Hopefully this won't cause too much disruption and will give all road users an improved surface. More information below:

"As part of the above contract, I write to inform you of the forthcoming road resurfacing programme at Cemetery Junction. Due to the sensitive location and to reduce the impact on the road network, the resurfacing works are programmed to take place at night between 20.00 and 05.00. The work will be completed in three phases with temporary diversions and traffic management in place during each phase. The works are due to commence after the Bank Holiday weekend on Tuesday 26th August running until Friday 5th September (apart from Sunday 31st August).
I will hand deliver a letter advising of the works to the residents and businesses of the local area this Friday and advance warning signs are due to be placed on all approaches early next week. All bus companies, taxi operators and emergency services will be briefed to ensure they are also fully aware of the works."

Monday, 4 August 2014

Repairs at Arthur Hill and Palmer Park gym #rdguk

Topical with the recent Commonwealth Games. I've had a few bits of casework about Arthur Hill and Palmer Park gym recently. See below for an update on some of the improvements which have been made recently.

Let me know what you think and if anything else needs attention.

"Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the facilities at Arthur Hills and Palmer Park.  I have answered each enquiry individually below:
Arthur Hills
Ongoing problem with condensation dripping from the gym – This was an issue in the colder months due to condensation in the piping above the ceiling. An order was subsequently placed to cover the pipes with lagging to ensure that this issue could be rectified.
Poorly performing air conditioning – Upon inspection it was noticed that the air conditioning filters were clogged with dust. This meant that the unit was not working as efficiently as it should have been. Site staff have since cleaned the filters, and have amended their weekly job lists to ensure that this does not happen again. I am pleased to say that since doing this, the air conditioning has preformed to a better standard.
Poorly performing extractor fans – The extractor fans are all currently working, and are checked as part of the site’s maintenance programme. 
Palmer Park
Studio Flooring - The current studio flooring is a basic laminate.  Whilst it is safe to use, we acknowledge that it does require a more specialist surface. We have identified this as an area in need of investment and are awaiting quotes in the hope that when funding becomes available, we will be in a position to replace the flooring.  This will however, be based upon an assessment of other health and safety needs across the other Reading Sport and Leisure sites.  I am therefore, unable to give you a time scale for this at present.
Slippery floor caused by condensation in the studio – Unfortunately, our studio went through a short period without air conditioning.  During this time, condensation dripped onto the floor and made the area slippery. We have recently installed a new air conditioning unit which pulls all the moisture out of the air reducing the amount of condensation. After discussion with coaches using the studio, they are reporting that since the installation of the unit there is no longer a problem with condensation in the room.
I trust this answers the points raised below by your constituent."